This was taken during the optimistic, golden time just before beginning the complete basement renovation that would ultimately destroy us.

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Link-O-Rama: Маша и Медведь (Masha and The Bear) - YouTube

Маша и Медведь (Masha and The Bear) - YouTube
1.3 billion views, yet it's totally ludicrous! There's no way that the porridge in the pot could expand by that many orders of magnitude. By the time, she filled the 10th pot with the overflow, it gets seriously ridiculous. (Porridge can't expand like that) And pouring a whole pot of porridge into a wolf's belly?! I'm pretty sure the wolves would have attacked her and horribly mauled her. And don't even get me started on hitting what looks to be a Kodiak bear with a hockey puck! :-)

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Perfect gifts for the kids

Kids doing a total fail on a rope swing.

You've all heard the story of the child that gets the expensive Christmas gift and then spends the whole day playing with the box? My kids, my son in particular have taken this phenomenon to the extreme. Both my kids have a thing for empty tissue boxes, and my son is nuts over empty toilet paper tubes. I don't think a toilet paper tube has ever left our house. The boy has boxes of them and calls them his toobz''. He draws figures and characters on them and then situates them into scenes and situations that make think that maybe I shouldn't have let him watch those zombie movies with me when he was two and three: "Dad, this tube has chopped off the head of this tube and this tube's wife and daughter are crying about it..."

A few years ...

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Stop! Ca Suffit! poster.

There is a pretty big public awareness campaign going on in France right now; it's an effort to build awareness of the apparently endless harassment that some people experience when taking French public transit. I say 'apparently' because as of yet, not a single woman has harrassed me on the tram. C'est domage...

The ad above depicts the progression of come-ons a woman can expect to hear as she navigates the public transport system:

  • Mademoiselle...;
  • You are charming. (formal speech)
  • Is that little skirt for me?
  • You know that you're good? (informal speech)
  • I going to hold you.
  • Answer, dirty bitch!

From a grammar and translation perspective, it's the Réponds sale chienne! line that I find most interesting. It's an instruction. otherwise known in grammar circles as the Imperative. In English I can say ...

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